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Debt Recovery

Essentially, debt recovery is about maximising your cash flow and ensuring that your debtors do not sit on your cash that should be earning interest in your bank account. Our aim is to do just that.

We offer an extensive service covering all aspects of credit control and debt recovery, ranging from assisting you from scratch to devise a credit control policy to assist you to collect your debts through to dealing with insolvent debtors.

By using automated debt recovery technology, we are able to provide a quick, efficient, an importantly, cost effective method of collecting your debts. We can provide telephone collections, letters before action, issue of county court proceedings, commercial litigation at trial, statutory demands, bankruptcy or winding up petitions.

We provide you a bespoke service by looking at the nature of your debts, your debtors, size of your debts and what will be best for you and your business.

Other Services

Commercial Litigation

Gone are the days of drawn out expensive litigation. It is a fact of business that there are occasions when litigation has to be resorted to, either because someone is suing you or you may have to take that step yourself.


The services we provide range from issuing statutory demands, bankruptcy proceedings and winding up petitions and dealing with the hearings, defending insolvency proceedings,